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Our Story

Blood is thicker than wort

2011.  Sometimes, you have to get creative.  With the recent economic downfall affecting families throughout the country, we were no exception.  But during our unforseen time off, we began to make plans.  With 22 years home brewing experience and the popularity of craft beer moving eastward, opening a microbrewery gradually became a fantasy fulfilled.  Over the course of two years, we wrote our business plan, leased a building and began construction on our dream.

Rinn Duin Brewing is inspired by our family's indubious heritage, originating from County Roscommon, Ireland.  The Castle Rinn Duin was built by The English Royal Army in the early 1200's.  It survived countless battles by the hands of the Irish, including fire, before the British relinquished the castle in 1576.  Our family history, past and present, is found in the midst of the designs and names of our beer, each with a unique and personal story.


Chip and Jacqui brewing 
Chip & Jacqui, making their last homebrewed beer - February 2013






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